Fishing Bot (Month)

29.99 USD

Limited to 20 monthly slots.

Rust Fishing Bot is an automation software that allows you to automatically farm tons of scrap while you can be fully AFK.

The bot is capable to automatically:

  • Catch fish
  • Gut the caught fish for more bait
  • Replace the bait
  • Replace broken fishing rodsĀ 
  • Store fish into the box next to your character
  • Eat/drinkĀ 

Auto fishing should yield at least 2000 scrap per hour! You can AFK for numerous hours until the bot is out of fishing rods or the box/inventory is filled with fish.

Note: Once you make your purchase, you'll get a text file with claim instructions. You'll need to go to our Discord server and start a support ticket to claim your VIP access. Once the purchase is completed you'll also immediately get access to the VIP channels on our Discord server.